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Proven Poetry Websites To Read And Share Your Poems

If you are interested in contemporary poetry, visit the Academy of American Poets website. The Academy’s primary mission is to support American poets at every stage of their careers. He also organizes various programs that promote the appreciation of poetry and aspiring poets throughout the American continent. is one of those programs.

The Poetry Foundation publishes Poetry magazine. The Chicago-based organization is actively promoting poetry across the country through public programs and events. It aims to move away from the perception of poetry as a marginal art and to give it a more general appeal. You can browse poems (a collection of more than 10,000) and refine your search by subject, occasion, vacation and some other practical options such as filtering poems that are suitable for children, their audio or their video.

For the insightful poet who wants to join the vibrant online community of poetry lovers, these are perfect entry points. As kids, we can sort of rhyme words and see the beauty that surrounds us with innocent eyes. These are the perfect ingredients to make us poets. Alas, puberty and adulthood spoil the party. The chaos and confusion that prevail after adolescence are hardly the platform to build beautiful worms. Some can become true poets. I couldn’t, and I turned to reading poetry instead of composing it.

As with all things, the Internet is a source of energy for budding poets and for those who are genuinely enthusiastic about the finest form of literature. What are the best you can go for?

The website launches events such as National Poetry Month; The online poetry class is an educational resource for teachers who teach poetry – see the Great Poems to Teach page; and the Poetry Audio Archive, a collection of nearly 500 recordings dating back to the 1960s, are just some of the stops you can make on this site. As a simple reader, you can browse the Poems page for all occasions.

Pedagogical resources such as the glossary of poetic terms and the learning laboratory are extremely well compiled. And if you want to enjoy poetry on the go, download the mobile app, which is also well designed.